Sunday, August 23, 2009


Only in Arizona can the temperature be close to 100 and get a "snowfall". Two big trucks full of ice, a bunch of workers, a big machine to crush it all into "snow"...and voila...a few hours of fun for the kids-and the adults!

Maggie with some hot chocolate, a tank top, standing in about an inch of snow....nothing wrong with this picture....

What Andrew will think of now when we mention snow.

The rule was not to go down head first...but as things were winding down Andrew realized that no one was paying any attention.


Last weekend, Steve and I went kayaking with a group of people from Seville. We took off from Saguaro Lake Ranch. We had a lot of fun. The Salt River is pretty high right now. Chris, the guy who set the whole thing up, said that he's never seen the water so high. It is only a "river" during the months when the farmers need water. The dam is opened for the farmers and none of the water makes it Tucson. It is all used for irrigation.

Our crew of kayakers. Steve and I before we took off.

Gorgeous views.
Because the river was high, we figured jumping from the rocks was relatively safe.
Jennia and I figured we were safer holding hands...

Swim Team Banquet

First Day of School

Christine off to Junior High, Maggie to 4th grade and Andrew to kindergarten!