Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Break

Well, our third official day off of school and I am exhausted! (I'm not counting the weekend.) The kids and I went to see "Tale of Desperaux" yesterday. The kids liked it. Maggie and Christine had read it, so they were excited to see it. I somehow fell asleep right at the beginning of the movie...woke up and the rats and mice were already banished. So, I kind of missed out on the whole moral of the movie.
Today the kids played at the club while I worked out. After lunch, Kim and Bradley stopped and wanted us to ride bikes with them to pick oranges. So, we got a backpack and headed out on our bikes to get some oranges. The girls picked some, but mostly they were just drilling each other with all the oranges on the ground. Of course, Andrew ended up crying. He had gotten Christine, but then when she got him he was not too happy. They all had fun. We've got a ton of oranges now!
Then tonight we surprised Jennia with a birthday gathering at the park. We got her to the park by saying that we were going to have a pre-Christmas gathering to let all the kids play. She was thinking about not coming, so we had to let her husband in on the secret. The kids were all excited since they knew that she didn't know about it. Her bday is on the 24th. She was very surprised and touched. She said since her birthday is so close to Christmas no one has done that for her before. So, we had some cake, let the kids run around and now hopefully they will be tired enough to go to bed at a decent hour!
Tomorrow we have the "Hot Cocoa" walk in the AM and we'll be decorating gingerbread houses. I'll try to get some pictures!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008


It is amazing how much we try to fit in to the month of December! Christine had a band concert, Maggie had a clogging recital and a third grade school performance, and Andrew still has a preschool Christmas performance. The picture was from brunch with Santa. Christine had told us ahead of time that she was not sitting on Santa's lap. He didn't give her a choice though. It was pretty funny.

Christine's band concert went well. They sounded really good. The kids wore sunglasses for the last song. (Andrew insisted on being in the picture with them.

Maggie's clogging performance was cute. The girls did a good job. They were supposed to perform in the backyard of her instructor. Three freak days of rain in Arizona made their yard too muddy for that so we squeezed into their house. The show must go on....

Friday, December 5, 2008

Spelling Bee

The spelling bee was this afternoon. Christine was runner-up-again! That means if by some chance the winner can not participate in the spelling bee, Christine gets to. Her missed words-rouge and daffodil. When she missed the word "rouge", I was thinking "Man, if I had the movie Moulin Rouge she would've got that right." Dang!
She did great! We are so proud of her. This was her third year of qualifying for the spelling bee!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Life in general

We all survived our long weekend! I know both girls blogged about the Turkey Trot. They had a good time. I was dumb enough to do the 10K and then get talked into a free boot camp by Hillary. After the second exercise of the boot camp I was wishing I would have headed to Starbucks with everyone else! I ate a piece of apple pie to make up for my stupidity!

Steve left Friday morning for a surprise visit to Ohio-I was just a little jealous. This meant I had all three kids for the long weekend. We played at the school playground for a while on Friday. I definitely was not going to attempt "Black Friday" shopping with three kids. Actually, Christine would have LOVED to have gone shopping. Maggie hates shopping and Andrew-well, Andrew is just Andrew.

Saturday I somehow let the Kirby vacuum salesman in my house and he was there forever. I think we need to get another dog that seems really vicious when people come to the door. I did tell him when he started that I was not going to buy anything. I let him clean my house though. So, now my carpets are much cleaner but he wasted about two hours of my day!

We did find out that Sonic had ice cream cones for a quarter this weekend. We went Saturday night and Sunday. Christine even wanted to go back on Monday! Sunday we got our cones and drove around looking at Christmas lights. I still can't get used to those icicles lights in a place that will NEVER see any icicles.