Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A crazy June day...

As much as I don't want our summer break to go fast, I am glad that June is over today. For some reason, the activities that Christine and Maggie wanted and needed to do were in June...almost every day. Andrew has been begging to take karate for months. I thought summer would be the easiest time to start, but I might have been wrong about that...

A typical day has consisted of getting Christine off to school by 7:15.

Once I get home, it's time to make sure Maggie is ready for 8:00 swim team practice.

Then Maggie needs picked up at 9:30 and Christine needs picked up at 11:50. Everyone is then home and ready for lunch. We have a little time to play in the pool, lay on the couch and watch TV or play with friends.

Andrew gets to go to karate at 4:30.

Here he is his smiling at one of his teachers because she is threatening bodily harm if he doesn't keep his hands up.

Once karate is over, Andrew either gets dropped off or he comes with us to soccer camp. The beginning of June was not bad, but sitting out in temperatures of over 106 degrees for the last week has been close to unbearable! I don't know how all the kids run around when it's that hot!

Now that June is over, summer school is over-yay! We have just one night left of soccer camp and then we get to enjoy the last few weeks of our summer break!

Andrew got a haircut!

I took Andrew today to get a haircut. He wanted a mohawk! This was our compromise...

If I style it, it will look like this or if not it will look like a regular boy cut. Andrew thinks he looks cool.

Friday, June 18, 2010

7th Grade Girls Basketball East Valley Conference Champions!

Christine's basketball season started off a little rocky...missing the bus for the first game, sitting on the bench more than she wanted to, and her coach missing a few games. It all worked out in the end-she ended up playing almost every minute of the play-off games and her team won the championship. They ended up surprising everyone-including their coach-by upsetting the first and second-ranked teams.

Showing good sportsmanship after the championship game...
The championship trophy! Christine is 3rd from the right.

And it wouldn't have been possible without great fans...
Jennia, TJ, Taylor, Maggie and Trent.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ohio Visit!

Steve had to go to Ohio for work, so Christine joined him. She got to stay with the Huffs and hang out with this crazy friend all week....

She also got to see the grandparents.

She got to try her hand at fishing in the Portage Lakes.

And now she's back at home....for summer school every morning at 7:30 AM! So much for sleeping in.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Black Eyed Peas

March 31st the girls got to go to their first concert. They were excited to go and the moms were even more excited. We went to see the Black Eyed Peas. I think my mom said that my first concert was The Osmonds-just a little bit of a difference. The concert was great. The BEP gave an amazing show.
The moms...
The girls...

The show....

The broken ankle

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Broken Bones :-(

Well, really just one broken bone. Steve fractured his ankle playing softball and then continued to walk on it for a few days-ouch! All is better now after a surgery putting in a plate and 6 or 7 screws. The funny part was that it happened before our annual flag football game. We had some people believing that it happened at practice!
Here are Bob and Steve screwing around at the flag football game-such the comedians!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Maggie's Basketball Season

I figure if I do a post every day or two I might be able to catch up on everything we've been doing since January. Maggie played basketball for the first time since kindergarten. She had a fun season. She played with Taylor, our neighbor, and another friend, Sierra.

Here are Taylor and Maggie warming up.

I'm sure it went in...

Maggie out on the floor hustling.
Showing off her awesome ball-handling skills.
Christine and TJ, Tay's brother, very into the basketball game.
Some game action.
Sierra, Mrs. Larson, their 4th grade teacher, Taylor and Maggie. The girls were so excited that she stopped in for one of their games!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


School is out for the summer! least for seven weeks. Right now the end of July seems so far off, but it will get here before we know it. Our June is packed fulled of camps, swim meets and summer school. July will hopefully be a little more relaxing.

The last day of school, Maggie helping bring down the flags.

I think they fold them up properly once they get inside...

The new 5th graders lining up for the 6th grade "Clap Out".

Maggie and her awesome 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Larson.

Andrew and Steele.

Christine and Alexa done with their first year of Junior High!