Friday, April 10, 2009


The kids were excited for our next round of visitors...Angelina and Isabelle! And, of course, Uncle Bill. They got here Friday night and were excited to play with the kids.

Saturday, they got a taste of our usual game, soccer game, soccer game...we did get lucky that they were here on the only weekend that Maggie and Andrew were playing at the same time-less time at the fields for us.

The kids swam for a while and then hung out with some of our friends. Of course, Maggie had them at the end of the street climbing in the trees. Angelina said she couldn't climb the tree, but Bill got a picture to prove that she was off the ground. The kids played, ate, and swam until they all conked out.

Sunday night we went to a neat outdoor place to eat...complete with a singing "cowboy". Once it gets dark they have these fire pits everywhere for warmth and roasting marshmallows! The kids were all tired and hungry when we got there, but all was good once we got our food.

Monday, all the Orr kids had school, but we headed to the club pool once the girls got home from school. Tuesday, we headed up to the zoo without Christine and Maggie. It was a hot day, but the kids cooled off in the new water splash zone. Isabelle was a little leery about getting wet early in the day, but after she got hot enough she was willing to get her clothes wet. I asked Angelina and Isabelle what their favorite animals were, but now I forget...I think one of them liked the spider monkeys. I know Andrew's favorite is always the iguanas. He starts asking to see the "lizards" as soon as we walk into the zoo.

Their last night here we hung out at home...the kids got in the hot tub and the pool. They had fun hanging out with their cousins. We were sad to see them go, but we'll get to visit in July!
I couldn't post all of my there are a ton more on the photo website.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Air Tran

I just checked to make sure I hadn't already written about this...and I haven't. I don't think we've ever flown Air Tran, but it was our least expensive option to get back to Ohio this summer. It is Air Tran policy that if you want to pick your seat you have to pay extra. I'm not talking about aisle and window seats. I'm talking about if I want to sit next to my children I have to pay extra for each ticket.

Now at first, I figured we'd just go with the luck of the draw. I wasn't going to pay extra to sit next to Andrew. Can you imagine? I would drop him off next to some nice businessman thinking he was going to get to work on his laptop the whole trip. After 10 minutes of Andrew talking to him, he would be paying ME to switch seats with him. I could make some money by not having us sit together.

But then I thought of the girls having to sit next to some weirdo. Maggie is not thrilled about flying anyway. So, I got back on the computer and paid to have us all close to each other on the flight to Ohio and the flight back. Separate fees for each direction-what a rip off. I will be next to no reading or sleeping for me on the plane.