Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Air Tran

I just checked to make sure I hadn't already written about this...and I haven't. I don't think we've ever flown Air Tran, but it was our least expensive option to get back to Ohio this summer. It is Air Tran policy that if you want to pick your seat you have to pay extra. I'm not talking about aisle and window seats. I'm talking about if I want to sit next to my children I have to pay extra for each ticket.

Now at first, I figured we'd just go with the luck of the draw. I wasn't going to pay extra to sit next to Andrew. Can you imagine? I would drop him off next to some nice businessman thinking he was going to get to work on his laptop the whole trip. After 10 minutes of Andrew talking to him, he would be paying ME to switch seats with him. I could make some money by not having us sit together.

But then I thought of the girls having to sit next to some weirdo. Maggie is not thrilled about flying anyway. So, I got back on the computer and paid to have us all close to each other on the flight to Ohio and the flight back. Separate fees for each direction-what a rip off. I will be next to no reading or sleeping for me on the plane.

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Diana said...

I think you chose wisely! But, hey I would sit by Andrew on the plane!