Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Maggie's Favorite Weather

No....there has been no snow in our part of Arizona. Maggie was "star student" last week for her class. We had to fill out this poster of all her favorite things. And, of course, Maggie, my child who never wanted to stay out in the snow for more than 15 minutes, picked "snowy" as her favorite weather. How quickly she forgets that being cold is absolutely no fun. So I had to dig through all the files on my computer and find some snow pictures. These were from our last few weeks in Canton. Four snow days in two weeks...and since I wasn't going to get much done with everyone home from school...we had fun playing in the snow with the neighbors! I miss the neighbors, but not the snow.
So, Wednesday night last week I ran to Walgreens to pick up a snow picture for Maggie and somehow, someway, when I got out of my car I left the interior lights on. I'm not sure where my mind was. @#$%&#!!!
I thought it was a little odd that my key chain would not open up my doors when Andrew and I went to leave Thursday. I knew it was really bad when I manually unlocked my door and the rest of the doors wouldn't unlock. @#$%&#@!!! Hopefully, Andrew will never repeat what he heard. So, no big deal, Andrew and I were just heading up to the, I had him put his helmet on. He rode his bike and I ran next to him. Of course, Hillary had planned on bumming a ride home from me...sorry Charlie...I told her Andrew would ride her home on his bike.
We had plans to meet Pamela and the boys at the park in the afternoon, so I called her to pick us up. She brought over some jumper cables, but we could not get my van out of the garage. I learned later from the tow truck driver the trick to getting the van into neutral.
Anyway...Andrew and I went to the park for awhile. When we got home I called AAA and they told me someone would be over in an hour and 15 minutes....plenty of time for me to take a shower, right? Of course, the first time in my life that I haven't had to wait hours for AAA. As soon as I turned off the shower I could hear the truck with my hair slightly dripping I explained the problem to the guy. He got it started easily, but told me I needed to take it to get a battery right then-which I had been told might be the case, but did not believe. I asked him if I could turn off the van and then take it in an hour for a new battery. Nope. Unless I wanted to call him again for another jump. Wonderful....So, I left the van running in the driveway and tried to dry my hair a little before going to Sams for a new battery. Life would be so boring without all these little hiccups.
This weekend Christine started her basketball season. They played well, but still lost. Christine had fun. The more games I watch, I can almost understand parents yelling at referees. I contain myself though...after all, it is 6th grade basketball. I'll wait until junior high basketball to help out the refs. I did get to play with my new camera.
Of course...big football weekend. Go Cardinals!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Andrew's Preschool Performance

I couldn't get any pictures during the show, but these were some from after.

Christmas Day Pictures

Maggie with new clothes for her Bitty Baby and Andrew on his new bike.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

We're Moving!

No...Not back to Ohio. We are just moving less than a mile away from our house now. Same neighborhood, same school, bigger house, more room for guests....and a loft so I don't have to see all the kids' toys! While we are all excited about the move, I have a lot to do in the next month-or less now. Find boxes, pack everything up, meet with movers about all the big stuff, pick paint colors, figure out what light fixtures we want (foreclosure and the former owners took all the light fixtures with them), find a renter for this house, sell our extra freezer, go through all the junk in the garage and figure out if we really want to move the regular running the kids around to practices, with the added bonus of now having to stay at the soccer fields for Andrew's practice. I'm sure it will all somehow get done!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Break

I'm not sure where our Christmas break has gone to. Right now the kids are exhausted and all hanging out watching Hannah Montana. Andrew is currently laying next to me with his head resting on my right arm as I type.

The last two nights they have run around with the neighbor kids up and down the street playing tag and hide and seek and anything else they could think of to continue moving...I'm not sure where they get all their energy, but it may actually be starting to run out! Last night we could not find marshmallows anywhere...our neighbor Marcie even made a special trip out because no one believed Steve that our grocery store didn't have any. She came home empty-handed. Steve found one lone bag at a grocery store a little further away tonight...but there was a reason it was left. All the marshmallows were stuck together. The kids didn't care. They ate them anyway.

(Andrew is now out cold..)

New Year's Eve we headed to the zoo for zoo lights. It was fun. The kids love walking through and seeing all the lights. I talked everyone into sitting through the "tree show" twice. After we went through everything I had Christine talked into going back and sitting through it one more time, but everyone else vetoed that idea. Andrew FINALLY got to ride the shark at the carousel...all the times we've been to the zoo he has never been able to get on the shark, so he was happy. My little man is so sociable though it was hard to get a picture of him. Every time he came around he was talking to the boy next to him!
Other than that we have kept busy with renting movies, playing with friends, Christine's basketball practices, having sleepovers....Steve actually took the kids to the pool to swim for a little bit today.
Now to just get back to our normal sleep schedule by Monday. Andrew has school Monday and the girls start back Tuesday.