Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Break

I'm not sure where our Christmas break has gone to. Right now the kids are exhausted and all hanging out watching Hannah Montana. Andrew is currently laying next to me with his head resting on my right arm as I type.

The last two nights they have run around with the neighbor kids up and down the street playing tag and hide and seek and anything else they could think of to continue moving...I'm not sure where they get all their energy, but it may actually be starting to run out! Last night we could not find marshmallows anywhere...our neighbor Marcie even made a special trip out because no one believed Steve that our grocery store didn't have any. She came home empty-handed. Steve found one lone bag at a grocery store a little further away tonight...but there was a reason it was left. All the marshmallows were stuck together. The kids didn't care. They ate them anyway.

(Andrew is now out cold..)

New Year's Eve we headed to the zoo for zoo lights. It was fun. The kids love walking through and seeing all the lights. I talked everyone into sitting through the "tree show" twice. After we went through everything I had Christine talked into going back and sitting through it one more time, but everyone else vetoed that idea. Andrew FINALLY got to ride the shark at the carousel...all the times we've been to the zoo he has never been able to get on the shark, so he was happy. My little man is so sociable though it was hard to get a picture of him. Every time he came around he was talking to the boy next to him!
Other than that we have kept busy with renting movies, playing with friends, Christine's basketball practices, having sleepovers....Steve actually took the kids to the pool to swim for a little bit today.
Now to just get back to our normal sleep schedule by Monday. Andrew has school Monday and the girls start back Tuesday.

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