Sunday, May 31, 2009

Three more days!

Yay! Only three more days of school! I really am excited this year for the kids to be out of school. Although they've all had good years at school and their teachers have been great, I am ready to start our summer schedule....swim team in the morning and then the rest of the day to do whatever we want. Being on our "modified" (don't call it year-round) schedule makes our summer break shorter than in Ohio, so we try to fit in as much fun stuff as we can.
I think the kids are definitely ready to hang out with their friends, swim, go see some movies, and just relax. I know I am! Andrew does keep asking when he's starting school. He is excited to start at Riggs, but I think he'll get used to hanging out at the pool everyday!

This is where you'll be able to find us after Wednesday....

Bridging Ceremony

We had a short ceremony for girl scouts at our house. I am a co-leader for Maggie's Brownie troop. Part of her troop bridged up to Junior because they are 3rd graders and the other part will stay Brownies because they are only in 2nd grade. We have had fun this year and have some activities planned for the summer-Sun Splash Water Park and bowling. These girls have a lot of fun together!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Band Concert

Christine at the beginning of the sixth grade portion of the show. She had to say a few words about the first song they were playing.

Christine and her buddies after the's amazing how much they all look alike. (The two on the left are twins.)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Andrew's Preschool Graduation

Andrew getting his diploma from his teacher, Mrs. Bridgett. I almost thought we wouldn't make it. We went to the wrong place at first...completely my fault. I had a ton of the papers that had the location on them, but for some reason I was thinking it was at a different location.

Andrew keeping some of the kids in his class amused while four other classes got their diplomas. I think he was trying to show them that he could snap his fingers.

They had had enough!

Andrew all smiles after the ceremony was over.

Trying to get a serious pose after a long ceremony was near impossible! Steve had snuck out of work for the graduation, so we went to lunch to celebrate and then to Walmart to get a movie from Redbox and some candy!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grandpa and Grandma Isco

We love having visitors! It was so nice to have my parents here for two weeks. They came in a week before Maggie's First Communion. They got to run around with us. They were here for the Art Walk at the school. The girls were excited that they got to see their artwork and the school. They missed soccer season, but got to see two basketball games. These pics were from dinner after Maggie's First Communion at Rain Forest Cafe.

Hanging out by the pool. When I wasn't finding things around the house for my dad to do, he hung out in the pool with the kids. I didn't make him work too hard! He did get my curtains put up outside which provide us with shade on the back patio in the afternoon-THANK YOU! And we had spaghetti night with some awesome homemade sauce and meatballs....yum! With some still in the freezer for a later treat-scratch that...I think we've already used the meatballs, but still have some sauce left.
We didn't make my dad cook every night! We headed up to the club for pasta night one evening. Christine was supposed to have a band concert during their stay. Unfortunately, the band director got sick and they had to reschedule the concert for a later date. Christine played her clarinet for us one night though.
My parents left EARLY for the airport. The girls understood that when they said "Good-bye" at night that they would not see Grandpa and Grandma in the morning. I don't think Andrew got it...he was looking through the house for Grandpa the next day...Poor little guy!
We were so glad to have them here with us! We'll see you in July!

Clogging Performance

Maggie had a clogging performance yesterday. She did great. She had stayed home from school sick, but thought she would be OK for the show. She was quite a trooper. The show was outside...the temp was at least 105 when we got there. She clogged her heart out, but was definitely ready to go home when the show was over! There are more pictures on the Orr 5 photo web page.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Diamondbacks Game

On the last night Grandpa and Grandma Isco were here, we went to a Diamondbacks game. Even though the Diamondbacks are a poor excuse for a baseball team this year, it was a fun night!

We went to Cooperstown for dinner/late lunch before the game. Cooperstown is called that not for the city, but for Alice Cooper. Christine and Andrew posed with "Alice".
In our seats before the game.
The dome stadium closed.
Andrew on the jumbo tron! He's the blond one in the bottom left corner. He was playing in the "Sandlot".
How Maggie felt after she found out she was too tall to go in the Sandlot with Andrew.
The dome baseball should be played. You can see airplanes go over every couple minutes.

Maggie's First Communion and Confirmation

Sixth Grade Greek Olympics

The sixth graders get to do a lot of neat things at the end of the school year. They had a day of Science Camp at the school the week before the Greek Olympics. The Greek Olympics was a day of all types of competitions capped off by the "Chariot Race." The school came out to watch them compete. Christine's team had wanted to use our bike trailer, but one of the rules was that your chariot had to have at least 3 wheels...that ruled out the bike trailer. They settled for the pimped out wagon.
Christine's team heading out to race...Christine's in the blue.

The start.

The winners! (Not Christine's team.) I love the view of the mountains from the school.

Christine's team heading to the finish.

Christine's team plus Andrew.

Last Soccer Game for the Season

Maggie's team won their last soccer game!

Andrew having fun on and off the field.