Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grandpa and Grandma Isco

We love having visitors! It was so nice to have my parents here for two weeks. They came in a week before Maggie's First Communion. They got to run around with us. They were here for the Art Walk at the school. The girls were excited that they got to see their artwork and the school. They missed soccer season, but got to see two basketball games. These pics were from dinner after Maggie's First Communion at Rain Forest Cafe.

Hanging out by the pool. When I wasn't finding things around the house for my dad to do, he hung out in the pool with the kids. I didn't make him work too hard! He did get my curtains put up outside which provide us with shade on the back patio in the afternoon-THANK YOU! And we had spaghetti night with some awesome homemade sauce and meatballs....yum! With some still in the freezer for a later treat-scratch that...I think we've already used the meatballs, but still have some sauce left.
We didn't make my dad cook every night! We headed up to the club for pasta night one evening. Christine was supposed to have a band concert during their stay. Unfortunately, the band director got sick and they had to reschedule the concert for a later date. Christine played her clarinet for us one night though.
My parents left EARLY for the airport. The girls understood that when they said "Good-bye" at night that they would not see Grandpa and Grandma in the morning. I don't think Andrew got it...he was looking through the house for Grandpa the next day...Poor little guy!
We were so glad to have them here with us! We'll see you in July!

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