Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Life in general

We all survived our long weekend! I know both girls blogged about the Turkey Trot. They had a good time. I was dumb enough to do the 10K and then get talked into a free boot camp by Hillary. After the second exercise of the boot camp I was wishing I would have headed to Starbucks with everyone else! I ate a piece of apple pie to make up for my stupidity!

Steve left Friday morning for a surprise visit to Ohio-I was just a little jealous. This meant I had all three kids for the long weekend. We played at the school playground for a while on Friday. I definitely was not going to attempt "Black Friday" shopping with three kids. Actually, Christine would have LOVED to have gone shopping. Maggie hates shopping and Andrew-well, Andrew is just Andrew.

Saturday I somehow let the Kirby vacuum salesman in my house and he was there forever. I think we need to get another dog that seems really vicious when people come to the door. I did tell him when he started that I was not going to buy anything. I let him clean my house though. So, now my carpets are much cleaner but he wasted about two hours of my day!

We did find out that Sonic had ice cream cones for a quarter this weekend. We went Saturday night and Sunday. Christine even wanted to go back on Monday! Sunday we got our cones and drove around looking at Christmas lights. I still can't get used to those icicles lights in a place that will NEVER see any icicles.

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