Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Break

Well, our third official day off of school and I am exhausted! (I'm not counting the weekend.) The kids and I went to see "Tale of Desperaux" yesterday. The kids liked it. Maggie and Christine had read it, so they were excited to see it. I somehow fell asleep right at the beginning of the movie...woke up and the rats and mice were already banished. So, I kind of missed out on the whole moral of the movie.
Today the kids played at the club while I worked out. After lunch, Kim and Bradley stopped and wanted us to ride bikes with them to pick oranges. So, we got a backpack and headed out on our bikes to get some oranges. The girls picked some, but mostly they were just drilling each other with all the oranges on the ground. Of course, Andrew ended up crying. He had gotten Christine, but then when she got him he was not too happy. They all had fun. We've got a ton of oranges now!
Then tonight we surprised Jennia with a birthday gathering at the park. We got her to the park by saying that we were going to have a pre-Christmas gathering to let all the kids play. She was thinking about not coming, so we had to let her husband in on the secret. The kids were all excited since they knew that she didn't know about it. Her bday is on the 24th. She was very surprised and touched. She said since her birthday is so close to Christmas no one has done that for her before. So, we had some cake, let the kids run around and now hopefully they will be tired enough to go to bed at a decent hour!
Tomorrow we have the "Hot Cocoa" walk in the AM and we'll be decorating gingerbread houses. I'll try to get some pictures!

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