Thursday, December 18, 2008


It is amazing how much we try to fit in to the month of December! Christine had a band concert, Maggie had a clogging recital and a third grade school performance, and Andrew still has a preschool Christmas performance. The picture was from brunch with Santa. Christine had told us ahead of time that she was not sitting on Santa's lap. He didn't give her a choice though. It was pretty funny.

Christine's band concert went well. They sounded really good. The kids wore sunglasses for the last song. (Andrew insisted on being in the picture with them.

Maggie's clogging performance was cute. The girls did a good job. They were supposed to perform in the backyard of her instructor. Three freak days of rain in Arizona made their yard too muddy for that so we squeezed into their house. The show must go on....

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