Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You be the judge

When we were in Ohio, we went to a wonderful school. I have to start with that because it is a great school, but things have gotten a little out of hand. There was a "twin" day at the school where students were to dress alike. Christine's good friend, D, and a few other girls wore this shirt.
A little background on the shirt-D's aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. She went through chemo and radiation and many surgeries. She, with family and friends, has participated in a cancer walk every year since being diagnosed. Her team has shirts every year. This was the shirt they wore last year. V had extras and gave them to the girls to wear so they would look alike. They wore these shirts, jean shorts and ribbons in their hair.
All that being said....the girls that wore these shirts to school were called into the principal's office toward the end of the day. They were told their shirts were inappropriate to wear to school and they were never to wear them to school again. They explained to the principal the background of the shirt and why they were made, why they wore them and the principal would not budge. He told them if he had seen them earlier in the day they would have had to call home for a change of clothes.
Honestly now....WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO????
I so wish I was still in Canton so I could give this man a piece of my mind. Of course, arguing with him then makes life rough for your younger children still at the school who have to stay there after this year.

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