Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Christine all ready to go.

Andrew decided the day before that he wanted to be a vampire too. Had the batman cape that doubled as a vampire cape. Had the white shirt. Went to Walmart to grab some black sweatpants. I thought all was ok. They only had black sweatpants as an "outfit", so had to buy a sweatshirt too. When we went to put them on we found out that someone had switched the pants and they were a larger size than the sweatshirt. So, we had to run next door and borrow a pair of black sweatpants-they were still a little big, but they worked!

Getting a little make-up on Maggie so she wouldn't feel left out!

The scary blonde vampire.

All the kids ready to go. Andrew got the medal at his flag football game that day and insisted on wearing it!

The mummy (Brad), Robin (TJ), a blue-haired ninja (Trent) and the vampire.

Vampire girl (Taylor), cowgirl (Anna) and pirate girl (Mags).

Christine with Callie and Casey.

Steve Gokey with the non-human butler. I don't know if the smoke was from the fogger or the guys starting the fire!

Kim dressed up her bug for Halloween.

While the dads took the big kids to the haunted house, we took the little ones out cruising for a little bit.

Happy Halloween!

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