Thursday, December 3, 2009

East Valley Conference Champs!

In all my years of coaching and running, I think I have only seen one cross country race ever restarted. This meet, they restarted BOTH the girls' and the boys' race. I'm still not sure why, but Christine was happy. She thought she got a better start the second time!
The meet in pictures....
Courtney, the first Payne girl, with at least a half-mile to go. She was fourth overall.

The second Payne girl-5th overall.

Three, four and five for Payne with company from another team.

Casey, the 5th Payne girl, with Christine coming behind her.

Christine coming through-6th for Payne at this point and 10th overall.

Close to the finish, Christine now 5th for Payne and in 9th place.

Christine seeing the finish line. She got this girl right at the line.

Gokeys and Penningtons came to cheer Christine on.

Some of the girls after the meet.

Top 10 got medals. Payne had 6 girls in the top 10 out of 8 teams and at the very least 80 girls.

Team trophy!

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