Wednesday, May 21, 2008

4 more days!

This is Andrew with Scott, a guy that works with Steve. He lives in California, but drove his motorcycle out to Arizona. He came over one night on his motorcycle. Just to make sure that Andrew continues with his fascination of motorcycles! The girls got on too. The pictures came out a little blurry-I think because it was dark out.

The girls have 4 more days of school! Most of this is going to be spent doing fun activities. Maggie's class is going to a play on Friday, then lunch at a park and back to the school for an ice cream party. Christine's class has been doing some neat science experiments these last few days. All the fifth graders having been getting together and working in groups-they might actually be learning a little. Andrew's last day of preschool is tomorrow. I get to go in the last 30 minutes for an ice cream party. He is excited-especially since they gave them all t-shirts to wear. He hasn't taken his off since he got it on Tuesday. I'm hoping to get it in the washing machine tonight when he goes to bed.

If you haven't been watching the weather, we have had some record-breaking heat. Nothing too major, just a preview of what is to come this summer. Honestly, this year has been extemely pleasant compared to last year. We hit 100 degrees in March last year. This year it took until the end of May. I will take the heat any day over the snow! Of course, we are in for a major cool down now-only in the 80s tomorrow and -gasp-70s on Friday and Saturday. (Better break out the sweatshirts!)

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