Friday, May 23, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Well, when it rains here it is always a major event. Kind of like a blizzard in Ohio. We had been warned of rain, but since it hadn't rain since February we weren't believing the weather reports-the meteorologists had lied to us before. Promises of rain that never came. Andrew and I drove home from preschool and it was raining a little. It had obviously rained more at our house than further north-Andrew's sand box was already full of water when we got home. As we were emptying the van of all the groceries, it started raining harder and the wind was picking up. By the time we were done and the garage door was shut, the rain was coming down sideways, the hail started along with the lightning and thunder. In Ohio it always seemed to lightning for a little bit and then be done. Here it lightninged (is that a word?) for hours.
Of course, not believing that it would ever rain or get cold, the girls had went to school in only t-shirts. Andrew and I headed over to the school with jackets for them and two umbrellas. It was somewhat funny. As I open our front door-we are five houses from the school-all you heard was screaming. The streets were flooded-just ankle-deep. So as the kids were crossing the road they had no choice but to walk through the water and so you heard their squeals as you were walking. Andrew stayed on the sidewalk out of the water on the way there. But since we had no choice but to walk through some ankle-deep water he got used to it. He walked through the stream the whole way home. I'm not sure how much rain we got-I'm sure it was over the average for May-the average is only .19 inches. Most of the green spaces are flooded. I feel like I am in Ohio. Our high today is only 71!!! Maggie is taking a jacket because they are picnicking today after their field trip to see a play. Hopefully, it won't rain during their picnic.
I am supposed to go help at the school for Maggie's ice cream party at 2. I have to take Andrew to the doctor and see if he is contagious before I do that. We just can not get healthy in this house. Yesterday when I took him to school one of his cheeks was all red. I just thought it was the way he was laying on the beanbag. When I picked him up both cheeks were red-I know it was the last day of school, but I honestly can't believe they didn't call me to come get him! He has been a little off this week-falling asleep in the car on the way home from school, napping every day...I just thought it was from playing outside and swimming so much. No...I think he has fifth disease. It's nothing serious unless you are pregnant. I found it in one of my child books and when I went to the gym today someone told me that a friend of Andrew's had it last week. Now I'm just hoping the rest of us don't get it!

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