Tuesday, June 3, 2008


That was the cost to fill up my van yesterday. Yikes! I wanted to cry. One of my friends who recently moved further out than we are, said when gas gets up to $5 she's not taking her kids to preschool. We are riding our bikes everywhere possible. Our temperatures are back to normal (We were blessed with a cool May.), so we can only ride in the morning and evening.

I had to resort to bribery yesterday to get Andrew in the bike trailer. Since he has been riding a two-wheeler we haven't used the bike trailer at all. We needed to ride to the club-morning swim team has started and Maggie is also taking tennis lessons. I have been letting him ride himself, but with the start of swim team there is too much traffic at the club. There is a section where there is no sidewalk and with all the cars I feel better with Andrew in the trailer.

Another major expense yesterday was the $122 bill from the Roto Rooter man. He removed the Batman toothbrush from the kid's bathroom toilet. Any guesses how it got there? The photo at the top just might be the culprit.

School is out for our summer break-eight short weeks! We definitely like our "modified" school year. Eight weeks is long enough for a summer break and we love our long fall and spring breaks. We are going to be busy with swim team, swim lessons for Andrew, tennis lessons, scrapbooking, basketball camp, soccer camp....phew! I'm tired already! And that's not even everything.

Because we are not getting back to Ohio this summer, Steve planned a 4-night Mexico trip. It's to a beach that all Arizonians tend to head to. Rocky Point, Mexico or Puerto Penasco if you speak Spanish. We do have to bring our own water-you can't drink the water there. We have heard the beach is wonderful. Not rough because you're not on the Pacific Ocean. It's on the Sea of Cortez. I've never been to Mexico, so it will be an adventure. It is a shorter drive than going to San Fran or Disney, so I am happy about that!

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