Thursday, June 26, 2008

Maggie's ALMOST 9!'s hard to believe. Our little Maggie is almost nine years old. We have a birthday party planned at the club pool on Saturday. I thought I would journal now because the next couple days are going to be kind of crazy. Tomorrow morning Andrew has his last swim lesson and then I need to take all the kids for haircuts. Why you ask?

I left Christine to babysit this morning while I ran to the library and this was what they did to Andrew while I was gone. When your children are putting pony tails on the top of their brother's head it is time for a haircut! He still had it in when I came home, but did not want to wear it that way to the pool.

Then, tomorrow evening I am taking the girls to see "High School Musical" the play. We are going with Girls Scouts. It is up at ASU. The girls are excited and it should be a good play.

Saturday morning we have to rise and shine early for a home (yeah! No driving 30 miles) swim meet. The swim meet is at 7AM. I am hoping we are finished by 11, because Maggie's party starts at 12 at the pool. I would like to be able to go home in between.

Steve is going to get the cake sometime before the party-a flip flop cake from Target. Minor problem about treat bags-I ordered a bunch of stuff online and it hasn't come yet. Dilemma time-do I wait and hope it comes tomorrow? Or buy stuff tonight? I'll have to see what I can find tonight and see how lucky I am feeling about the box coming tomorrow. Maggie also wants me to organize some games-swimming and water slides are not enough-so I need to get some supplies for those. Luckily, my Family Fun magazine came two days ago and there was a neat game you could play in the pool.

First mini-monsoon last night. You probably will not be able to guess what this picture is. I was sitting with Andrew as the wind was picking up and trying to blow down our trees.

I noticed this thing sticking out of our sun face on the back patio. My first thought was that Andrew somehow was lucky enough to throw a toy and get it stuck perfectly in the eye. On further examination I realized it was a bird! It was staying safe from the storm by hiding out on our patio. I even opened the door to take the picture and it did not move. It stayed there for a long time. Once the wind stopped, I tried to keep one eye on the sun face to see what kind of bird it was, but I missed it flying away. I guess we will always have a sign that a monsoon is on it's way! Although, one is coming again and I don't think there is a bird in there right now.

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maggie holmes said...

i can't believe that is a bird!! craziest thing i have ever seen!!