Thursday, June 12, 2008

Everyday Stuff

Just a regular day here today. We all got up pretty early-the sun comes up so dang early you don't really have a choice! Girls headed off to 6:30 swim practice and then I brought Andrew to tennis at 7:30. The kids made the collective decision that they did not want to go to the club pool today, so we are hanging out at home-initially they wanted to go to the store and buy more webkins. That was quickly vetoed. One of Maggie's friends just called and needs to get out of the house, so we will soon have company. Her dad is doing some construction stuff in their house and I have a feeling she was getting in the way.
I was just playing with my playlist and added some songs-very much a mix of all kinds of music. You can stop the music from playing altogether or switch to another song.
We went to a summer movie yesterday morning. (Kid movies that were out a while ago and they only charge $2 to get in or $7 for the whole summer.) Surf's up. Cute movie. We didn't get the passes for the whole summer this year. Almost all of the movies we already own, so we just paid to get in yesterday. It is a cute rental if you haven't seen it yet.

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