Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Fun

We have been staying cool swimming in the pool and hanging out in the air conditioning!

Just a few pics of our crazy kids.

Maggie in the pool for back stroke. Christine between events.

We have a meet tomorrow morning-which means leaving the house by 6AM! I'm not sure if I really thought this through long enough when we decided the girls should do swim team again. Last week we just put Andrew in the car with his pjs on and changed him into clothes when we got to the meet. Although, one of the dads at the meet said it's pay back for all the times they woke us up early-good point! (But shouldn't we be taking advantage of those days that they actually do sleep in...)

We have had a very busy week. Maggie had swim team this week, followed by tennis lessons. Then I had to get Andrew up to the club for swim lessons-trying to fix Andrew's funky way of swimming. It gets him where he wants to go, but it's not exactly correct. There was a home swim meet Tuesday night. And one last thing-soccer clinics Wednesday and Thursday evening. I was hoping they would want to bail out of the soccer clinics, but no such luck. It was amazingly hot and they started at 6 PM when the sun was still shining. I had Maggie stand outside before we left to make sure that she REALLY wanted to go. I would have picked staying inside and watching some tivoed episode of "Hannah Montana." No such luck! I was sweating sitting in the shade watching! Andrew participated in the clinic Thursday. He had fun, but I'm still thinking I'm not going to sign him up. I think he's a little young for organized sports and I run around enough already.

Even though it is a little hectic, I'm glad there is something for them to do. We have also had our days where we stay in the house for most of the day and watch TV. Or they watch TV-our DVR has not exactly worked out as we planned. We now get to watch "Jimmy Neutron", "Hannah Montana", "Drake and Josh"...(you get the picture) 24/7. I have got some reading in. I read "The Kite Runner" this week on a recommendation from someone. It was a really good book-it makes you appreciate the fact that we were lucky enough to be born in the US. I also read "Number the Stars". It's a kid's book, but I had never read it before.

We are probably going to have to find a few more indoor activities. Last summer we headed to Ohio for most of July. This year we are going to be stuck in the heat. I will take it over the snow any day!

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