Friday, September 12, 2008

Ohio/Virginia Trip

While we are very excited to "vacation" in Ohio and Virginia, I got some interesting news this week. First of all, we are flying Northwest-who is now charging for your FIRST bag! I guess it is a good reason to travel light! Second bit of news-our flight home (which I will more-than-likely be with my three well-behaved children by my lonesome) has been switched from having one layover to now having two layovers! Of course, this is after our drive to the airport. Looking on the bright side-it will probably make for a good blog entry. (That or a national news story!)
Seriously, Maggie wants to take a sewing needle on the plane. I have explained that this will definitely not be happening... But she continues to push the issue and has even asked me if the alarms will go off if she puts it in her pocket! For some reason she wants to spend her time on the plane sewing.

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