Monday, October 13, 2008

Those Boys!

Aren't they handsome?! Can you believe that "little" David got married?
We made it home-back to chilly Arizona! High of 77 today-we brought the East Coast temperatures with us!
I'm not really ready to post about our trip, but I had to put this picture on. As I was driving to the airport Sunday I was thinking of my many memories of David Lee-and what is in store for me with Andrew! I just have to share a funny memory about David. Myrtle Beach-not sure of the year. Steve and I were married, but no kids. We were enjoying our favorite past time-sitting on the beach catching some rays right on the ocean. David was continually running by splashing tons of water on us. Steve wanted to kill him and I, in my infinite wisdom, just told Steve to ignore him. He was maybe 8 or 9-maybe 10 and would eventually go away-right? Wrong! A few minutes later David came by and dumped wet sand all over me. After a big gasp of surprise, I looked at Steve and calmly said "You can kill him now". I always think back to that and still laugh-scary thing is I can so see Andrew doing that same thing!

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