Monday, June 22, 2009


Not sure where the summer is going. I thought we would be less busy when school was out but we have been running around to swim practices, tennis lessons, hanging out with friends, movies, basketball camp, library, junior lifeguard classes, swim meets and fitting in a workout whenever possible! It's much better than being bored!

Andrew with his creation.

Hanging out at the pool where Christine has junior lifeguard classes.

Taylor and Maggie going off the diving boards.

Lazy river.

First home swim meet. Maggie, TJ with sign and Taylor.

Brad, Andrew and Trent.



Christine, Allison and Alexa.

Maggie making cupcakes for a "fry fest" at our neighbors.

Maggie, Anna, and Taylor

Greg and Steve at Gokey's Mexican Martini Night.

Senoritas at Mexican Martini Night.

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Diana said...

Hey Angela you look like you guys belong here in Cabo! You all look great! Excited to see you soon!