Thursday, July 30, 2009

School Days

The kids have been in school for four days and things have not gone quite as smoothly as I expected. The first day Maggie got up way too early, which resulted in her thinking she should touch up the nail polish on her toenails. She ended up somehow spilling almost a whole bottle of red red polish in the bathroom....on the toilet, vanity, down the wall, all over the tile floor. I will be repainting the wall and I can not get it off the vanity.
Today was the first day that Andrew was happy to go to school. Every other day he has told me that he wanted to stay home with me.
Christine has had somewhat of a rough time. First day of school her tank top strap ripped, so she had to change her planned outfit. We also have not been able to get her cleared to pass her physical. She is having problems with her left eye. We are hoping to get things under control and because she is missing volleyball tryouts she is just going to continue on the swim team for a few more months. Coach Jenny will be happy to hear that.
All the kids are having a good week other than that. Maggie is in class with a bunch of her friends. Christine has lunch with people she knows-there are about 1000 kids at her school so I was very happy when we found out she knew people in her lunch. Andrew has a few people in his class that he already knew. He also has a little boy in there that someone told me was "really wild." I just had to laugh. That was the boy that Andrew hit it off with on "Meet the Teacher" night!

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