Monday, July 7, 2008

Maggie's Birthday Party!

We celebrated Maggie's birthday a little early. We started the day with a swim meet. Luckily, the other team wasn't that big so we finished up by 11:00. I had brought a lot of the stuff we needed to the pool with us, so we just had to go home and change. (If you click on the picture of Christine's back, you might be able to see that the left side says "Eat my bubbles".)

Steve went to pick up the cake and get balloons-not the smartest idea in Arizona. A few of them actually lasted all day, but with the heat a bunch popped. Oh-I almost forgot about my treat bag dilemma. I called Current Thursday night and they couldn't even tell me for sure if my order had shipped-I normally have no problem with them. So, I had to resort to Plan B and search through Party City and Walmart for things to put in the treat bags. All turned out fine.

Maggie and her friends had fun playing in the pool and going down the waterslides. The games we planned did not exactly work out as planned, but the kids still had fun playing them. My oh-so-funny husband took the opportunity to push me in while I was next to the pool supervising one of the games. Getting in the pool definitely felt good, but he caught me off-guard!

We made Maggie wait until her real birthday to open cards and packages from our families. It was a great way to celebrate Maggie's real day since we couldn't be with everyone. She loved opening everything up and Andrew loved helping! We also celebrated her real day with some brownies and a movie of Maggie's choice. She picked "Spiderwick Chronicles"-the box said "a fantasy for all ages." It was a good movie, but did not take into account my scaredy-cat child.

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