Monday, July 28, 2008

School's back in session!

Yeah! The girls went back to school today. Andrew did ask early on in the day-"When will my girls be home?" He made it through the day fine though. He was purposely making funny faces in the pictures-what a goof! I feel a teeny-tiny bit bad that they have to go back in July, but that only lasts for a couple seconds....seriously, I love them dearly, but their bickering was starting to drive me crazy!

I was talking about the whole thing with my running partner, Diana. I was telling her that all these moms are saying how they are going to miss their kids when they go back to school...Diana thinks they are all lying.

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Dad said...

Schools , got to love them. They relieve the parents for a period. Parents , got to love them. They relieve the teachers after a period. In baseball it's called a relieve pitcher. They bail someone out after they make a mess.