Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rocky Point and other happenings

OK. I finished the second book of the series-New Moon. Steve is thinking that I am neglecting our family because of these books. I don't exactly see it that way. It is just the kind of book that you really want to see what happens next...this New Moon was not my favorite. It just kind of ....ended. I felt like the author was cut off mid-sentence and didn't finish her thought on to the third book.

I have some photos of Andrew before dinner last night. He is such a cutie. Of course, I had to explain to him that the hat is not to be worn at the dinner table. He obliged me by taking it off...but then would get up to go the restroom and put it back on and then take it off-the hat ended up on top of our frig. I have been trying to embrace the "boy" in Andrew instead of fighting with it. The more boys I see, the more I see Andrew is perfectly normal...I was just so used to calm, mellow girls...amazing that I used to think Maggie was my "wild child". I have a few funny stories about Andrew but I need to journal about our Rocky Point trip before I forget everything....And yes, Andrew really does have two shirts on. He told me it was his "style"-not sure if the girls or Steve taught him that word.
Rocky Point...our drive down was fairly uneventful...gave Maggie some Dramamine before we left...we did not want a repeat of our drive to California. It did take us about 45 minutes to get 10 miles away-stop at Basha's for some last minute items, stop at McDonald's for a "quick" lunch-how do they get the slowest people on the planet to work for them? Anyway...fairly boring drive down to our final destination. We did drive through Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (don't quote me on that name)on our way down. It looked very cool...but I'm not sure I would want to camp among the cactus right at the US border-snakes, scorpions, and people desperately trying to get in to the United States. We listened to the informational radio station as we were driving through-"Please report any suspicious activity to a park ranger..."-that would mean if you happen to see anyone crossing the border that shouldn't have. It all makes the bears at Cook Forest in PA look tame.
Anyway...we drove over the border into Mexico. The photo is the border crossing we drove through. We were not stopped-in fact we probably didn't even need to slow down. American citizens in mini-vans with money to spend in their country are definitely welcome. It was a little unnerving at first...Steve was worried about driving the speed limit (a Mexican jail cell is not a relaxing thought) and it was a very low speed limit-I think about 20 miles an hour. As soon as we crossed the border we knew we weren't in Kansas was obvious that we had driven into a very poor town. Also, having all the signs in another language was weird-I haven't done any traveling outside of the US except to Canada. The poor border town did not prepare me for how poor Rocky Point is. Honestly, we do not realize how wonderful we have it in the US. A drive through that town and you would never question why so many Mexicans want to live in the US.
All that aside, the resort we stayed at was beautiful. Even though we were there for the beach our condo was laid out-beautiful tile floor, granite counter tops in the kitchen and baths, tile from floor to ceiling in the bathrooms, a complete wall of sliding doors so that our view was wonderful. We got everything unpacked and headed down to the beach. The tide was out so there were little tide pools everywhere. We were exploring and we saw a hermit crab in the tide pool. At first I was thinking cool...and then we realized that every shell in the tide pool was a hermit crab...the kids were still thinking cool...I was thinking GROSS. Those hermit crabs were bad enough when they were in a little box on a shelf in Myrtle Beach, but ALL OVER THE BEACH! Steve just laughed at me. He asked me what I thought was in the water at Myrtle...I knew there was a reason I prefer sitting on the shore reading my book over being in that water all day. There were cool shells everywhere,some little fishees in the water.
Our place also had a couple pools, a lazy river,a swim-up bar and a little outdoor restaurant right by the beach. That's where we had dinner the first night-completely American food-hamburgers and pizza. Steve and I were able to order, sit and relax while the kids swam in the pools, and go get them when the food came out. It was really nice to sit and listen to the ocean. The photo is the view from our room when we first arrived.

The next day we went in to town. Stopped at the grocery store-very weird going to a store where everything is in Spanish. We didn't stick out at all with our toe-head kids.... Then we headed to the fish market-what an experience. Surrounding the fish market are vendors. If you dare stop to look at anything they have, it is hard to get away. We were probably lucky...we were there as they were opening up-it seemed like a street-long flea market. Mexican kids must not wake up at the crack of dawn like our kids. Many of them had their kids with them. Honestly, getting out of the car and just trying to make our way to the fish market was interesting. All these guys trying to sell time-shares or condos or who-knows-what. The beach where we parked was all rocks-which must be how it got the name "Rocky Point". We did need to get some sand toys-we had no buckets to collect shells. We found some at one of the vendors-no Walmart anywhere to grab some sand toys for $5. The one thing that was funny was that a lot of the vendors had masks-the kind like on "Nacho Libre". Andrew was so wanting one of those-he ended up getting a fighting ring with a bunch of guys.

So, the second night we ate fish and shrimp. I'm not a shrimp eater-the girls and Steve finished that off. At the resort there were nice Weber gas grills. They had at least 12 of them cemented into the ground. You just had to call the front desk and ask them to send someone to turn it on. We did not know this ahead of time, but luckily from all our Myrtle Beach experience we had brought lots of food.

During the second day we were there, the kids played on the beach a ton. Collected shells for a while. Had fun playing in the waves. I am trying to post some of my favorite pictures on here, but check out the photo link for more photos and captions-give me a day or two to get them on there though.

On the fourth, my "28th" birthday-the kids weren't buying that one either-we headed down to the beach in the AM because it was low tide. It was really cool. Steve says the rocks were formed from volcanic lava-so if it's not true, talk to him about it. There were hermit crabs, of course. But we also saw tons of little fish-and some not so little. The coolest thing was spotting an octopus. I don't think I have ever seen one out of a tank. Christine was having fun trying to catch fish with her bucket. We also saw some crab. Of course, after seeing all these creatures I was even more excited to get in the water. The kids were worn out after a long morning on the beach. The photo shows how Andrew spent the afternoon.

That sums up our first two and a half days. I will have to finish the rest of our trip later!

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