Monday, November 24, 2008

Mad Mud Run Champions!

The Dirty Soles-Kim, Niki, Hilary, me and Stacy. Notice how clean we are before the race.....
And how dirty we are after!

We came....we saw....we got soooo muddy!

Other than getting mud in my eye and in my mouth-yuck!-the mud run was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. We met up at our house at 5:45 AM and "the team" loaded into our van and headed up to Scottsdale. We are very spoiled when it comes to weather here, so we were freezing in the 50-some degree temperatures.

We got to McDonald's Ranch and saw that we were very outdone when it came to the costume department. These people had some crazy costumes on. The guys in speedos were voted the best. The were supposed to be vikings-speedos, with sheets as their capes, and toy helmets and swords. I know we got at least one picture of them. I'll have to download some of Gokey's pictures of all the crazy costumes.

We were the last wave to leave the starting line. They started with solo people, then teams of two, then teams of three and finally five-person teams. The starting line was the "soak zone". There were kids with squirt guns getting people as they started. We had strategized that if we were to the back left we wouldn't get squirted-but we knew that our kids would be upset if they couldn't squirt us. Of course, Maggie was kind enough to squirt me right in the head-so much for that "No squirting people in the face rule". So, my teeth were chattering for the first half mile or so. Stacy is the one in the back. She is the kids' PE teacher. They were nice enough to get her with the dirty water!

During the four mile race we had to belly/knee crawl under a tarp, go over and under hurdles, climb a wall (it wasn't as high as I thought it would be), go over a balance beam and then finally the mud pit! The kids had a front row view of everyone going through the pit!

And what great prize did we get for winning this race? A box of Tide and a bottle of wine!

More info and pictures. (Won't be posted until 11/25) Gokey's album.

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