Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Here are our trick-or-treaters. Christine was a Rose Maiden/pirate girl. Andrew was Flash Gordon. Maggie was a chef and got to collect her treats in that big mixing bowl. The funniest thing was when kids would try to take candy out of her bowl thinking she was passing it out! Christine did not trick-or-treat with us-she is way too cool for that.
Here are the girls we trick-or-treated with: Kylie was a cheerleader, Anna a black cat, Taylor a pirate girl and of course, Maggie.

Andrew and TJ-AKA the Incredible Hulk-taking a break in the wagon.

After the kids trick-or-treated for a while we hung out at the Gokeys. They had tombstones in their yard. The kids were laying there trying to scare people. Don't you think they look scary?

Trent and Andrew

Now this is really spooky. Can you tell which one is a person and which one is not? Kim is on the left. She had fun scaring people for a while. The moms took the kids out for a while. Then, we came back and the dads took the kids to this house where they had a haunted house set up in the garage. When the kids were gone she was scaring people. Once the kids got back, they couldn't help themselves. They had to walk up to the door with everyone and kind of gave it away. Everyone had fun and we now have TONS of candy!

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