Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Andrew's Five!

Can you believe...Andrew made it to five! He was proud of himself today. When I drove him to preschool I was telling him how big he was and told him all the things he could do now-ride his bike, go across the monkey bars...he just sat back in his seat with a big smile.
The picture of him is a perfect picture of Andrew after a day of being Andrew. His hair is courtesy of Christine. It was wacky hair day at his preschool and she put some gel in his hair this morning to make it stay that way all day. He did start the day with a shower-and a clean shirt.
Andrew had a great day today. We came home from preschool and iced his cake...cream cheese frosting and some Halloween sprinkles. Went to BK to get an icee and some lunch. He even picked me a couple flowers. He is such a sweetheart when he wants to be. It was hard to keep him away from the cake before dinner. Of course, once he was allowed to have the cake he just wanted to play with his toys!
Thanks to all for the cards, gifts and phone calls! A special thank you to Aunt Suzanne...I thought we had talked about something that lit up...not something that made noise. The funniest thing is that it says "Approved Decibel Level" on the box. He does love it!

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