Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break

One week of spring break down, one to go! I know it's not technically spring, but it feels like spring here. We have been busy the last week. We've had much less of a schedule, but still a lot to do. The kids still had soccer the last two weekends and practice. Christine had basketball practice. We've been playing at the park. We've had a few nights of hanging out in the culdesac. The kids love playing with all the neighbors. Andrew is crazy on his bike. He wants to keep up with all the big boys. The girls have been sleeping at friends and they have had friends sleep over. Andrew is dying to have a sleepover! He just doesn't understand that someone else's mom might not be quite as understanding with the 4AM wake-up for chocolate milk.

We had a pool day on Thursday...a little chilly to swim yet. Under 80 with the wind blowing a little is just not warm without the humidity. The kids had fun playing...but other than Andrew, they didn't go in the water too much.

Thursday started off like a usual spring break day. I went for a run with Hillary. Then Jennia and I were supposed to wash windows. I ran to Walgreens because we needed ammonia. Walgreens is less than 2 miles away and I was gone for 15 minutes tops. I come down the street and I see Dr. Craig-one of the neighbors-walking down the street and his wife standing in front of our house...and I'm thinking "What could my children have possibly done in 15 minutes?" Well, good news for me (not for Jennia), it was not one of my kids. Her little guy, TJ, had broken his nose and Jessica was just escorting her other kids to my house so Jennia could go to the hospital. They did a cat scan and everything. TJ is just going to look like a UFC fighter for awhile.

Andrew joined him in looking like a fighter on Friday. He had quite a spill on his bike. Luckily, he had his helmet on.

Saturday we went up to the club for a St. Patrick's Day party. We had a little pre-party at our house. The kids were excited about the whole thing. They got to go into childcare with a bunch of other kids. All the kids dressed up for St. Pat's day too. Of course, Christine is way too cool for that...her and Skylar, one of our neighbors, stayed home with TJ.
Now our kids are excited for a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Orr!

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