Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Fun Stuff

Saturday, I rested my eyes and the rest of the crew headed out to a spring training baseball game. Indians vs. the Dodgers-the only sell-out of the year. Sorry to say, the final score was not in favor of the Tribe. Not that it matters, because it was only spring training. The pics are the gang before they left-all in Indians apparel, Maggie watching the game with the sold-out crowd, and Andrew in the train with Rick-AKA "Ricky Bobby".

Everybody at the game, Christine and Andrew hanging out, and the kids running the bases. After the game, they let kids run the bases. Christine got a ball signed by Bob Feller and Maggie got an official game ball. Andrew played on all the kids' stuff all day.

Sunday, even though it wasn't Steve's birthday quite yet, we headed out to lunch to celebrate. I don't think we've ever been at the Roadhouse for a birthday before-if we have, we didn't notice what they did. They had Steve sit on a saddle when they did the birthday chant. He was a good sport and it was entertaining. Thanks to the Orrs for a great day!
And this is our monkey children with the Gokeys. Hanging out in the trees has become one of their favorite past times. Grandma and Grandpa walked down to the end of the street to take a picture of them-I'm hoping if I don't go down there, no one will realize they're my children! I don't think I got a picture of the kids playing war and Clue with Grandma and Grandpa. They had so much fun-even Taylor is missing playing cards with Grandma!

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Diana said...

Don't you love having Grandparents around! My parents leave in 2 days and I will be so sad!