Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can't Sleep

After laying in bed for over a half an hour and not being able to sleep, I decided to just give in and blog for a half-hour. I'm sure I'm breaking the rules of every sleep center by spending time on the computer right before bed, but I also had a chai tea at 7PM so I am a complete lost cause for much sleep tonight. It's either that or my mouth throbbing that is possibly keeping me awake. I snuck a few potato chips before bed-not a good idea. One of those little suckers must have hit my stitches. Ouch! What's funny is that I called my running partner tonight and told her not to stay up too late and here I am wide awake at 11:45. That alarm going off at 5:28 is going to be a killer.

Anyway...I have lived through my gum surgery. I would definitely not recommend it for anyone. I had already told my periodontist-who wanted to do two surgeries on me-that if the first one was too painful that I would not be back for the second. I had already decided to not do the second one for other reasons, but after this surgery there is no way in hell that I would ever get back in that chair for another gum surgery. Honestly, I think my teeth falling out would be less painful.

I brought my MP3 player so I could listen to my music, but I could still hear what was going on. I also kept my eyes closed. I did open them one time and it was not a pretty sight. Seeing that scalpel come toward my mouth is going to be a vision that won't leave my brain for a long time. I don't want to gross anyone out with the gory details. A funny thought did cross my mind when I was sitting in the dentist chair though-they need a seat belt for that thing. Wouldn't that make it a real torture chamber? Actually, I was thinking that because when he started the surgery he tipped the chair so that I was almost upside down. I was hoping that I wouldn't slide out!

I have learned to get very creative with soft food. After the first two days of just yogurt and some ramen noodles I was getting really hungry. (Oh-and some mashed potatoes that didn't quite agree with the vicadin.) Other soft foods-scrambled eggs, baked potatoes, peaches, ice cream (with some chocolate syrup-my personal favorite), sloppy joes (just the mix, not the bun), spaghetti...I did try my cereal this morning-Honey Bunches of Oats. The problem with that is that I like the almond kind and those little pieces are a little tough to swallow. I have definitely learned that I would not make it very long as an anorexic.

A funny story to share. Andrew is going through a whiny stage-at least I hope it is a stage, because I can't take it much longer. The other night at the dinner table he started fake crying and whining. Then he asked me if I knew why he was crying. My thought was "Because you are trying to get on my last nerve", but I didn't say it. I just asked him why he was crying. He told me it was because he missed Nala. Ah...isn't he just a sweetheart. Of course, Christine jumped in at that moment -"Can we get a hamster?" I just laughed at that. I accused them both of setting the whole thing up. The answer was of course not to their liking. We then had to discuss why we could not get a hamster or dog or cat...or any other animal they could think of. They swore that they would take care of any pet we got-walk it, clean up poop, clean cages...sorry. Not buying it. I know it would be something for me to do. Steve was not home yet to back me up on this. I think we will remain petless for a while. This is honestly the longest we've been petless since we were married, but Arizona climate is not the kindest to animals.

Another funny story that I have to share. As I was on my quest to find soft food in out pantry I found some tuna. So, I thought I would make tuna salad. Another yummy soft food. We had no relish, but I thought-not a problem. I know we have an unopened jar of Miracle Whip in here somewhere. I pulled out this Miracle Whip and the expiration date was 2005. Yes-we moved here in 2006 and we moved with us an expired jar of Miracle Whip! Scary, huh? I wonder if the movers noticed and just didn't say anything. Never fear though-I did find a brand spanking new jar of Miracle Whip that I was able to use. I did empty out the gross one and put the jar into recycling-I blame it all on the habits I was taught by my mother...I also found a can of vegetable soup that was a month away from the expiration date and that was pretty nasty too. Now that I blame on the weather here in Arizona. We would go through tons of soup in Ohio, so I bought a lot when we first got here. The problem is, it is never really "soup weather", so I'm not finding a huge need for those cans of soup. So, gum surgery has resulted in a cleaner pantry for the Orr family.

OK. My half-hour is up. Time for me to try to fall asleep again. Night all!

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