Monday, August 11, 2008

School Day's

Today was Andrew's first day of preschool. I'll see how the day goes when I pick him up. He was excited to go and have me leave. We went for Meet the Teacher last week and I stayed. He was looking forward to getting to stay without me.

Things have been crazy lately. I am still trying to get used to the school routine. It's nice that they are in school when it's so hot, but our weekends are so crazy that it's hard to get everything organized. Hopefully, now that I have a few hours each week with no kids we'll get things back on track.

Also, adding to the craziness are some things I "volunteered" to do without thinking. The one position I honestly went back and checked my emails to see if I really did say that I would do it. I am now Site Organizer for our school for Girl Scouts. I volunteered not realizing everything I have to do. It's just going to be a little crazy for about a month. It's just amazing how many Girl Scout emails I get daily now. I am in charge of placing all the girls that want to be in Girl Scouts in to troops and also starting new troops when necessary. Because we are a fairly new school and there was no site organizer last year we have tons of girls interested. I have moms to lead the 1st, 3rd and 4th graders. I also have some moms on the fence about kindergarten. Now I just have to take care of the 2nd, 5th and 6th graders. I am also leading Maggie's troop this year and we are trying to get that up and running. It may have to wait a few weeks until I have all these other troops in place.

I picked Andrew up from school. He seemed to have a good day. They did this really cute project that he brought home. There is a picture that he drew on the bottom and then his hand print is on the top with a poem. I'll have to try to take a picture of it-he drew his picture in yellow crayon, so I'm not sure if it will show up in the picture. Of course, he has been healthy for months and now that school is starting he has a runny nose. I can also tell he must be a little miserable because he sounds stuffed up when he talks. Maggie also did not sound great this morning. She had planned on staying home, but when I got home from bringing Andrew she told me she felt like she could go. No phone calls yet from the school, so she must be OK.

Something that we never had to worry about in Ohio-cockroaches and scorpions. Steve said there was a little roach in the shower the other morning-must have come up through the drain. Gross! I have been closing our drains but I am going to have to get something to put over the drain in our shower. The next time the exterminator comes I am letting him spray in the house. Also, I'm on the look out for scorpions. Friends of mine have had them, but we haven't had any trouble and the people that have had them don't live that close to us. Well, Friday morning when I walked the girls outside my neighbor two houses down said she stepped on one Thursday night IN HER HOUSE. She said it was on the carpet and she didn't even see it. So, she was stung several times and when she called poison control they told her it could hurt for up to a month. (I immediately went in the house and vacuumed all of our carpets.) You can't really exterminate for scorpions. You just exterminate for the bugs they like to eat-mostly crickets. I have seen a few crickets around our house-outside, not inside-, but not too many. I'm hoping we are not going to see any scorpions. The joys of living in a warm climate!

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