Monday, August 25, 2008

Monsoon Excitement

We are just finishing up a little monsoon-still not sure why they just don't call them thunderstorms. I guess it's our only weather phenomenon so we have to make the most of it. The heat gets kind of boring after a while. It started storming when the girls were still at school. I thought about going to get them with an umbrella...the wind was blowing so hard I figured there was no reason for us all to be soaked. So, Andrew and I stayed in the confines of our nice dry house and waited for the girls to run in the door soaked. Soaked they were...they both needed to change when they got home.

Luckily the wind didn't get super bad until the girls were already in the house. Our trees fared well. Our neighbors trees were not so lucky. Steve has been trimming the trees a lot -oh, I forgot, my dad said they are not really trees. They are just large shrubs. Anyway, the trimming helped make it so the trees did not get blown over. The pool chairs are in the pool, but they can be fished out later.

I was worried about my "boom box". Andrew and I ran out and grabbed all the towels before the rain started, but I forgot about my radio. It has a cassette player and everything. I've had it since Christmas 1985-I know my mom has to be so proud that I have saved it-too bad I gave all my cassettes away! Anyway, we have used it even in Ohio as our outside music (and football) source. I realized as we were looking out the window at the chairs in the pool that the radio was still out there. I ran out to save it and so far, it is still working. I would hate to have to throw this one out!

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suzannie said...

hey ang..good job on saving that "sweet" boom box. did you save the huge comb to stick in your back pocket too? mom heard me laughing and i read outloud that you saved the boom box but throw out all tapes to play in it. She said"DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TAPES WE HAVE? Do you know how many tapes Aunt Judy has." Yeah i am sure you want her to get right on that and mail out some their tapes. I am sure you can buy tapes at antique stores or a flea market. heck..i still run with a walkmaen. I have to save my boom box that records the radio onto the tape...but my boom box is not as "sweet" as your 1985 one. ha ha ha.. love ya- suzanne