Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Last Supper

Yes...I am preparing my last supper. Well, I may be slightly exaggerating.... See, tomorrow I go in for dental surgery. Ugh! Going to the dentist for a cleaning is enough of a white knuckle experience for me. Dental surgery is the worst torture I can think of. I am having this little ligament cut that is pulling my gums off my teeth. Also, they are taking a skin graft off the roof of my mouth to replace a spot where my gums have receded. Sounds lovely, huh? There also are two other spots that they want to "fix"-read more skin grafts from the roof of my mouth.

A friend of mine had me go see her dad, who I didn't know was a retired dentist. He told me the ligament being cut was necessary, the rest is not entirely necessary and my teeth won't fall out just because my gums have receded. That was all I needed to hear-I am definitely not getting it all done if it's not really necessary. Why put myself through the torture? There is actually a much less painful way to do the whole procedure-using cadaver or fake tissue-but our insurance won't cover it. It's even less expensive, but when I called them about it they told me that does not have any bearing on how they decide what is covered. Why would they possibly cover a procedure that is less painful, costs less and has the same outcome?

I'm sure I am just being a baby about the whole thing. Although, when I picked up the medicine that my periodontist wanted me to have I was a little shocked-he gave me 30 vicadin! I hope I'm not in enough pain to have to take them all! Another prescription was some rinse that I have to use-the pharmacist told me it may stain my teeth and alter my taste. Sounds lovely. Of course, the staining will come off with regular cleanings by my dentist. (yeh! More visits to the dentist.) Hence, the reason for my last supper-stuffed peppers. Yum! The office manager at the periodontist also told me to have a good breakfast because I probably won't feel like eating for a while-so I may have a stuffed pepper for breakfast, too.

We also have a somewhat busy weekend. Christine has a birthday party Friday and Saturday evening. Maggie has a birthday party Saturday afternoon and wants to go to the Ice Cream Social at the school Friday night. Also, dive-in movie at the club Saturday is "Nim's Island." Steve will be busy transporting! All that wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that Christine promised a friend of mine that she would babysit for her twins that are Andrew's age. She was already planning on bringing the kids here because I didn't want Christine to have them for a such a long time-my friend and her husband DJ weddings and normally their Grandma watches them, but she is out of town. Well, Christine said she would do it and then got invited to this party. I had told her she could leave for just an hour or so to go to the party. Steve thinks we should let her go longer-he doesn't think having the twins is a big deal. I'm picturing something like "Kindergarten Cop"-you know, the movie with Arnold.

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