Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One last thought-Olympics!

Did you see the Women's 100 Hurdle finals? Lolo Jones was that close to gold and that pesky hurdle got in the way. I can not even imagine being her. She was just meters away and so far in front that there was no way anyone was going to catch her. Such a bummer! The only bright point-if there was one-is that she was classy enough to stop for the reporters and give an interview at what must have been an absolutely devastating time for her. She also had no excuses-just had a bad race and it happened at the worst possible time.

Michael Phelps was awesome. Goes without being said. Of course, "Greatest Olympic Athlete Ever" I'm not quite so sure about. Steve and I had a discussion the other night about this-yes, he does have more golds than anyone else, but no one else in any other sport can possibly win that many. He is definitely up there, but I'm not sure that he stands alone. If he can that would be a different story.

And those little gymnasts. Amazing, as always. I don't think they will ever get the scoring system figured out so that it is truly fair. I think Nastia should have another gold, but what do I know. I can't imagine doing what those girls do. How they get their arms to twist the way they do in the uneven bars is painful to watch. I'm not sure I could ever be that flexible.

OK. Now I am REALLY going to bed.

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